We celebrate the simple, everyday moments, the catch-you-off-guard moments, and those once-in-a-lifetime moments. From the hug-like coziness of our pajamas and rompers to the oh-so-playful ease of our overalls and bloomers, the Milkbarn collection of organic and bamboo baby apparel includes treasured clothing for every moment in the lives of our babies.

Our baby apparel’s clean-lined, playful silhouettes with muted, nature-based hues allow for many gender-neutral print options. Oh, you’ll still find variations of pink and blue, but we prefer to use these colors as vibrant accents in an otherwise neutral color palette.

When we step back and look at the collection of our baby apparel, we smile. Yes, we design every ruffle with love; yes, we sew every zipper with care; and yes, we stitch every appliqué with purpose. But most importantly, we smile knowing that Milkbarn’s organic and bamboo baby clothes will be part of those special moments that eventually become lasting memories.