Milkbarn and Our Cause

Exile International + Milkbarn.  Enriching Lives Together.

From the beginning, our hearts longed to help others.  We didn’t know our path, we didn’t know our calling, but we knew we wanted to be used.  A simple prayer of “use me, use us” guided our day-to-day actions.  In 2008 we heard of the brutal abuse of women and children in the Democratic Republic (DR) of the Congo; our hearts broke.  Our finances limited our ability to help, but we gave what we could and we gave from our heart.  We had found our purpose.

Fast forward to 2015 and our paths crossed with Exile InternationalTheir work and their mission aligned with our mission.  We knew many spoken and unspoken prayers led us to Exile International and a partnership began.  By partnering with Exile International, we bring awareness to this extraordinary organization and we further our purpose of helping the women and children of the DR of the Congo.  This very purpose guides us every day.

Every purchase from Milkbarn directly helps these children of war to heal their mind, body, and spirit.  Our collaborative efforts allow these recovered children to become leaders of tomorrow in their local communities.


Milkbarn and Exile InternationalHealing Spirits

Art-Focused Trauma Care, Discipleship & Peacebuilding

Milkbarn and Exile InternationaHealing Minds

Education, Professional Skills & Leadership Development

Milkbarn and Exile InternationaHealing Bodies

Food, Medical & Other Basic Needs

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