We wrap our little ones in love with our buttery-soft, organic baby blankets and surround our babies with our muslin fitted crib sheets, our newest addition to the Milkbarn line. We offer our Mini Lovey Security Blanket, Big Lovey Blanket, Muslin Swaddle Blanket, and Muslin Fitted Crib Sheets in our one-of-a-kind prints.

We know and understand the comfort a Mini Lovey Security Blanket brings to our little ones. The moment we place a Mini Lovey in a baby’s hands, their world seems a little more peaceful.  Sometimes we need extra cuddles, so we crafted our generously-sized Big Lovey. Just like an old friend, our Mini Lovey and our Big Lovey bring a little added support. For our newborns, our sumptuously soft and generously sized Muslin Swaddle Blankets provide comfort, safety, and security. 

And, for our children of all ages, we added our Muslin Fitted Crib Sheets. We consider the baby crib a “home within a home,” a sacred environment for our little ones when not cradled in our arms. What better way to personalize this space and subtly enhance the nursery than with crib sheets designed with Milkbarn’s most beloved watercolor prints. Discover the Milkbarn collection of organic baby blankets and bedding and celebrate the role these baby essentials play in the lives of our little ones.


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